online business – How To Make $1000 A Day On Amazon FBA! (BEST ONLINE BUSINESS TO START)

What’s going on guys welcome back to a brand new video on this channel today I want to show you guys how you guys can make $1,000 a day with Amazon FBA now I know a thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money it is a lot of money guys don’t get me wrong it is a lot of money but that’s why I want to make sure you guys understand that I understand it’s a lot of money before I say this but it’s not as hard as you think to make a thousand dollars a day off Amazon and I’m talking profit we can talk to sales – oh I’m talking profit it’s not as hard as you think it is alright that’s a problem an issue with mentality nowadays say you don’t jump into things because you think is too hard and I’m gonna break it down for you and we’re gonna see that it’s really not that hard so this is how I normally explain to people $1,000 a day we’re gonna do sales first thousand dollars a day in sales would mean that you need five

products that make $200 a day in sales or or four products that make 250 right it’s called like that these are simple products to find doing your your work I’m not asking you to find one product that makes a thousand dollars a day that’s a lot harder to do probably a lot more expensive and everything I’m talking simple products four of them five of them and together you’re gonna make a thousand dollars a day so let’s start off with five right so you have five products that make you 200 a day right simple so 200 a day in sales let’s say roughly you’re let’s see how much did you get it cause let’s say each products 20 bucks right let’s say each product product sells for $20 right which is a pretty decent price I say 15 is about the lowest you can go so 20 is not crazy numbers ask for it obviously these numbers can change we’ll look at them later with four products and what not these numbers can change but that would mean that you need to sell 10 products a date right 10 products a day that’s 300 units a month guys we go into Jonah’s can type in how many products can like make 300 sales a month or more you are going to see so many pages that you know jungle Scout can’t even handle it so yeah general Scout so I need to show you all the results cuz there’s just way too many it’s not as hard as you think 10 sales

a day 10 sales a day 10 sales a day those of you guys who are new to Amazon you guys don’t know how Amazon works if 10 sales a day is really not that hard like let me tell you it’s not that hard you’re making 200 a day if you launch one product a month you can make a thousand dollars a day in five months right so that’s why people I feel like people just don’t start because it sounds too easy but guys it really if you put in the effort it really can be that easy like III personally believe that easy comes from work if you put in you’re put in hard work it’ll be easier than if you don’t put in the hard work you don’t say so basically that’s kind of my perspective on it and let’s play around calculate profit too so I’d say a good profit margins around 30 35 % so if we take times 1000 you’ll end up with $350 profit per day after ads after you after ads after you deduct your cost of the of the good and after you deduct your Amazon cost this looks pretty good right you have $20 you’ll probably get the product for like three to four dollars per unit and then Amazon take its cub which would be that close to six or seven giving you like $10 profit then you have to take away a bit for ads and

there you have it so that was a little quick quick breakdown so that you’re left with $350 a day pretty easy pretty easy right that was break it up into if we were going to do with four products so four products that make 250 a day now the interesting part here is that you can either have you know this would be the exact same we can literally copy and paste this but of the product cost 25 bucks right so there we have it and if your product costs 40 or 50 bucks you would literally only need five products today you see when I’m if five products sold a day for all four so technically this would be 50 products a day total this would be 20 products a day total but it just kind of shows you that it’s like it’s obviously some products gonna sell for 20 so I’m gonna sell for 30 so it really has to average out so the calculation I’m making obviously isn’t gonna be exactly how it works for you but um everyone has a different path to it I’m just showing you how possible it is and four products a day and you’re making $1000 the four products making $250 a day and you’re making $1000 a day right so yeah now just real quick at the end also wanted to talk a little bit about the UM for $1,000 profit I know people make $1,000 profit a day on Amazon guys it might take you a little longer than reaching the for the thousand dollars in sales obviously because as I said you start one product a month for five months that each sell $200 a day in sales you’re at a thousand dollars a day in sales pretty easy now

it’s not about profit so if if you are and can I do a thousand dollars in profit you and that’s thirty five percent of sales then that means we’re gonna do some quick math in our head how does this work how do fractions work okay so we’re to do 1,000 divided by I say it all the time guys how how is he allowed to be an entrepreneur when he doesn’t doesn’t do math good but here we go two thousand eight hundred and fifty seven dollars in sales right so basically what you would kind of be having to do is take a product say you make $300 from a product you would need ten of those around about right it just means more products so basically we’re just means it depends on how fast you can scale so if you want to launch one product a month if in a year say you have two bad products out of them as long as you do your research you really shouldn’t be having products you should have you know solid products in a year’s time you should be able to hit this right and I’ll tell me what other business you can go into and they’re gonna give you a thousand of us a day in a year right it’s it’s nuts but it’s very possible and now the other cool thing I really want to show you is if you hit a thousand dollars in profit per day let me let me give you a little bit of an idea of what was it – eight five seven what you’re doing a year right so that’s you’re making 1 million dollars a year guys imagine if I told you that you can make a million dollars a year in sales in a year wait a million dollars a year in sales in a year

there you go and in English somewhere there but yeah you guys can make a million dollars in sales in a year and you all you have to do is scale your thing for a year now if you launched two products a month it’s gonna take you half a year it’s really up to you how much money you have to invest obviously if you have less money to invest yourself with cheaper products it’s gonna be harder for you to hit that as fast as those who have more money but just do it at your own pace well I just wanted to prove to you guys how possible it it really is and it is very very possible as I proven so hopefully this video made some sense for you guys hopefully it was a little bit of motivation a little bit of inspiration to start on the Amazon FBA journey I do have a free course guys for those of

you guys who are interested it’s a playlist on my channel called the free Amazon FBA course go check that out so you guys can you know start your journey I basically laid out how I did it how I learned and the stuff I learned the stuff I went through the mistakes I made and now how basically how I run my business and you guys can pretty much just copy that so hopefully that’s something interest you guys if it did smash that thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel if you guys are new we’d love to have you as part of the team and so I can be able to help you out along your journey make sure to always comment down below where what questions you have what you thought of the videos I always love feedback so thanks so much for watching again I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video